We are excited to announce we will soon be having in-person services available in our Jacksonville locations! What does that mean for you and your family? And how will it be different from what we have experienced before? Your safety is still our priority. That hasn’t changed! We have always prioritized the safety and security of our congregation, now more than ever. To further support this we have adjusted our in-person services to meet CDC guidelines and social distancing while still providing a place for you and your family to worship.

Phase I

  • Continue to gather using our virtual church platforms:
  • Church in your Home: Sundays 10am, and on demand (after 10am service)
  • Church in your Home: Wednesdays at 7PM, and on demand (after service)
  • The Whole Story Bible Study: Daily M-F, 8am
  • Evening Prayer: Daily M-F, 8:30PM
    The Whole Story Reading Plan: Daily.
  • Download from The Celebration App or

Phase II

* The reopening of in-person services, including things such as capacities & procedures, may vary campus-to-campus.

  • Church in your Home AND In-person services will be available options for our church family!
  • Church in your Home will never be a “less-than” experience for our church family. We intend to keep this resource a PREMIERE experience for our church family going forward.
  • Anyone at-risk or uncomfortable attending in-person is encouraged to continue participating through Church in your Home and our other virtual resources.
  • Church family should reach out to their deacons, church friends, serving teammates, etc., beginning to meet with one another personally and in mid-sized gatherings using common sense, responsibility, and grace.

Phase III

  • Our leadership team is watching and monitoring the health updates daily and continuing to strategize how we can best prepare for in-person gatherings once the COVID percent positive average curve comes down.
  • We will be going back into our buildings when risk is minimized around the things we love about large gatherings: prayer at the altar, communion, children’s ministry, etc.
  • Seating capacity will be limited for safe social distancing.
  • Services will require a reservation (free ticket) until risk is minimized and the need for social distancing subsides.
  • Sanitizing stations will be available. We encourage everyone to bring and use their own personal cloth face coverings.

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help provide you with the most up-to-date answers and information. Make sure to follow our Celebration Instagram and Facebook accounts and download our Celebration App for the most timely information.

How can I currently attend Celebration Church?

Until we have released a finalized date for reopening our Arena, Orange Park and Julington Creek locations you can continue to attend Church in your Home through.

  • Online.celebration.org/jax
  • Celebration Jax YouTube
  • Celebration Jax Facebook Live
Will the building be completely open for anyone to attend in-person or will I have to get a ticket?

We will start small with all of our locations having a limited capacity, so we can practice social distancing. To guarantee we do not exceed this capacity, we will be providing a ticketing process to register you and your family to attend our service. Once we have ticketing available for you to sign up we will update the information here and inform you through our various communication platforms.

How can I get a ticket to attend service in-person?

Once we have ticketing available for you to sign up we will update the information here and inform you through various forms of communication.

Will I have to wear a mask to attend in-person? What other safety measures have been put in place?

Masks will not be required for those attending, however use of your own personal mask will be encouraged.

What will be in place to help reduce risk?
  • Each location will have sanitation stations available and practice social distancing and limited contact.
  • Our team will be regularly cleaning high touch places and increasing the cleaning of our facilities.
What day and time is service?
  • We will likely reopen our buildings late summer.
  • We will keep times flexible at our Jacksonville locations as we add services, to ensure we have time between services to thoroughly sanitize the spaces.
  • We will not be having our Wednesday night service in-person at this time, but will be available for you to attend online!
Why are you providing in-person service(s) only on Sunday (not Wednesdays, and other times)?

We want to take things slow and safe. Providing service(s) only on Sunday at this time allows for you to come back into our church buildings safely while allowing our teams time to adjust to the current health and wellness measures. It also allows for our service experiences to not feel rushed and a chance for you to experience community that we have all longed for and have missed greatly!

Can I still attend online?

Of course. Our online service isn’t going anywhere! Church in Your Home services will air Sundays at 10am and Wednesdays at 7pm. We encourage everyone who is vulnerable, or not feeling well at the time, to attend church in your home.

We will also have encouraging messages and resources for our Celebration Youth and Young Adults available throughout the week on our YouTube Channel.

Will Children’s Ministry be available when we reopen our buildings?

Nursery/Preschool and cKIDS ministry will be available with the excellence you expect; however, we will be somewhat limited in our capacity. Families who have quarantined together are encouraged to attend together in the sanctuary. Kids attending in the sanctuary will be provided with fun in-service curriculum packs.

cKids Nursery/Preschool and Elementary services will also continue to be available on our website, online.celebration.org

Will Celebration YTH be meeting?

At this time our Celebration YTH will continue engaging in The Word and in their community virtually. Celebration YTH Hangtime is on Wednesdays at 6:30pm on the @celebrationyouth.jax Instagram account and weekly resources available on our Celebration Jax YouTube channel.