As of August 16th, we have three awesome ways that YOU can interact with the local church family for services:

We’re so excited that we are back in our buildings for Sunday services!

ARENA – 9AM & 11:15AM

We want to ensure you that we will be implementing strategies to comply with CDC guidelines, including sanitizing stations at all of our locations as well as maintaining social distance.

Our staff and serving teams will be wearing face coverings for your safety, and we highly recommend anyone without respiratory issues wear face coverings as well.

As of now, we will not be having cKids services, but kids are more than welcome to come and sit in service with their parent or guardian. We will have special activity bags for our kids at the doors when you arrive! We will be rolling out more information soon on when our cKids services will be available in-person again.

To attend these live gatherings at any of our Jax locations, you will have to RSVP to ensure that we do not exceed our set capacities. You can RSVP for your location by clicking the links below:




If you’re ready to get back out there, but you’re not quite ready for the larger gatherings, this option is for you!

Join us for mid-sized gatherings happening at all of our Jacksonville locations throughout the week!

To view the calendars of what mid-sized gatherings are coming up at your locations, and to RSVP, click below:





If you’re not ready or comfortable to meet in-person yet, this option is for you!

The church is WHEREVER you are! We want you to continue to feel activated to be the priest of your home and family.
We will, as always, have Church in Your Home services available for you on our YouTube channel and Facebook page! Please continue to feel empowered to gather your family and friends in your home and BE the church.

These will be available on Sunday’s at 10am, and on-demand after.

 Celebration Jacksonville YouTube Channel

Celebration Jacksonville Facebook Page

If you need more details for any of these gatherings, make sure to follow us on social media or email

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help provide you with the most up-to-date answers and information. Make sure to follow our Celebration Instagram and Facebook accounts and download our Celebration App for the most timely information.

How can I currently attend Celebration Church?

We have three ways that you can attend service:

  1. Sunday Morning Service
  2. Church in Your Home
  3. Mid-Sized Gathering

See our info boxes above for more information on these types of services & how you can attend!


Will the building be completely open for anyone to attend in-person or will I have to get a ticket?

To guarantee we follow health and safety standards, we will be providing a ticketing process to register you and your family to attend any services or mid-sized gatherings.

You can find the links to RSVP for any type of service at your location in the info boxes above!

How can I get a ticket to attend service in-person?

Once we have ticketing available for you to sign up we will update the information here and inform you through various forms of communication.

Will I have to wear a mask to attend in-person?

Our staff and serving teams will be wearing face coverings for your safety, and we highly recommend anyone without respiratory issues wear face coverings as well.

What will be in place to help reduce risk?
  • Each location will have sanitation stations available and practice social distancing and limited contact.
  • Our team will be regularly cleaning high touch places and increasing the cleaning of our facilities.
What day and time is service?

• Our Arena location now has two service times available on Sunday mornings – 9:00am & 11:15am. Our Orange Park and Julington Creek locations will have service at 10am.
• Arena will be having live worship & preaching, while our OP and JC locations will be hosting Watch Parties.
• Our mid-sized gathering opportunities (around 50 people or so) will be happening throughout the week at each of our Jax locations. They will focus on providing community and fellowship, equipping, worship opportunities, communion, and more!
• Church in Your Home services will be available every Sunday at 9AM and 11:15AM.

Can I still attend online?

Of course. Our online service isn’t going anywhere! Church in Your Home services will air Sundays at 10am and Wednesdays at 7pm. We encourage everyone who is vulnerable, or not feeling well at the time, to attend church in your home.

We will also have encouraging messages and resources for our Celebration Youth and Young Adults available throughout the week on our YouTube Channel.

Will Celebration YTH be meeting?

Our Celebration YTH is now meeting in person weekly. At all of our Jax locations, Celebration YTH will be meeting on Wednesday nights, with hangtime happening at 6:30pm. You can get more info by following along on the @celebrationyouth.jax Instagram account.

 Make sure to check out our YTH resources available on our Celebration Jax YouTube channel.