Over the last 18 months, God has unpacked for us that the home has always been the centerpiece of the church. All people who make up the church, not just the clergy, are all a part of the Priesthood of the Believer. We are thankful for gatherings and buildings; however, not having those does not mean that we are not fully equipped to be the church. We are the church, His church, no matter where we gather. During this time – let’s be lights to the world around us… imaging our Heavenly Father to all those we encounter, leading our families well and inviting Jesus into our homes.

As we start to reopen our church buildings, we want you to know that church online will always be available for you to take part in church in your homes & communities. We encourage you to gather with your loved ones and tune into what the Holy Spirit has to minister to us.


Whether you are new or you’ve been here for a while Foundations is your starting point for membership, discipleship and community at Celebration Church. At this virtual workshop, you’ll have a chance to connect personally with our pastors and team, become a member of the church, and learn the foundations of honoring God in your home and community.